What is it?

BOARD is an online software developed exclusively for Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witneses. It aims to replace a regular information board with an interactive platform. Each brother can upload the scheduled, letters and other announcements at home, and everything will be synchronized and available at a TV on the Kingdom Hall. This software is compatible with most modern operative systems.



New features will be added over time.

Offline mode

If an internet connection is not available, all the content of every congregation in your account is available on your browser with the last content update.

Keyboard shortcuts

Having in mind TV Boxes, Media Centers and Mini-PCs, you can use a numeric keypad or remote to navegate between congregations and menus after you login.


We want to bring Board to your language! Board supports multiple languages, translated by volunteers. If you would like to help, feel free to contact us.


Each user account can manage multiple congregations and one congregation can be managed by multiple users with multiple privileges.

4K Optimizied

Board supports TV monitors Full HD and up to get the most visible pages at once. Please check our recommendations for hardware.

Modules and Styles

Besides showing pages, Board can display dynamic information based on dates and user input. Modules such as "Cleaning Group", "Events", etc can be added to each congregation. You can also customize the layout of each one.


What hardware and software do I need at the Kingdom Hall?

Internet Connection

The software is constantly checking for new content and downloads high-quality images, so we recommend having an internet speed of 5Mbps (download and upload) available on the device.

Android Box / Computer

Any browser with Javascript and HTML5 support should work however, we recommend using a device with an Operative System that receives updates (Microsoft Windows, Google Android, etc)


Television with a resolution of 3840 Ă— 2160 (UHD) and external video input (HDMI, DVI or other). Note: Smaller resolutions won't allow to read text on Board layouts.

To setup and first usage weeks you should always have a keyboard or mouse available. For routine usage, we suggest using a Keypad (numbers only) to switch between pages and congregations (it is compatible with most devices).


Some user frequent asked questions

This website was developed by active Jehovah's Witnesses in Portugal. It is not official or produced by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of PA or any official representative of Jehovah's Witnesses. All this work is done by volunteers on their free time and expense.
Yes! In many ways:
● Reporting errors and helping with the debug
● Translate to another language
● Recommend to kingdom halls near you and help with the installation
● Donating resources to pay licensing and servers (hosting)
● Design suggestions
● Features suggestions
Yes, our website is free and has no limits. However have in mind that webhosting and licensing have costs that are currently supported by the developers (who are volunteers). If you can help us, you can use Paypal to do a donation. For other methods please contact us.

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